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Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
1025 Heritage Road

Tax ID/EIN: 45-3787871
Year Founded: 2011
Last Updated 2017-03-30

Public Charity

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Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization's primary activity is equine rescue, adoption & retirement.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care of horses to provide its services.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization operates programs involved with horses and other animals.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Our mission is to provide aid and sanctuary to abused, neglected, abandoned or donated horses that come to us in need. Work with law enforcement and other agencies in their efforts to rectify situations in which horses are in peril. Provide horses in our Sanctuary with needed medical care, proper nutrition and a health plan to restore them physically and mentally for a new life. Continue educational and fundraising efforts to both help us support our rescue efforts and to promote awareness of issues involving neglect and abuse in our area.

Horse-related programs:
MFMN provides three primary services – horse rescue, sanctuary and adoptions. These programs are critical to helping abused, neglected and unwanted horses.<br />MFMN works with law enforcement and other agencies in their efforts to rectify situations in which horses are in peril. The Sanctuary provides horses with needed medical care, proper nutrition and a health plan to restore them physically and mentally for a new life. <br />During their rehabilitation, horses will learn to begin to trust once again by living in a sanctuary free of fear, hunger and human caused pain. <br />Once rehabilitated, we will strive to find them a special home with people who will give them a new life where they will thrive in a caring environment. People applying to adopt a horse are thoroughly screened and they must sign a contract requiring that they return the horse if they decide they can no longer keep it. <br />Horses who cannot be adopted due to age or chronic medical conditions are cared for at the Sanctuary or a foster home for the rest of their natural lives.

Non-horse-related programs:
We also care for a few donkeys and a mule, but they are considered to be part of our "equine" program.

Volunteer Opportunities

Website Designer
We need someone who can re-design our current website so that it is more user friendly and mobile device friendly. We would like to have a volunteer who has the experience and knowledge to work on their own to accomplish this.

Marketing And Communications Volunteer
We need someone who can develop public service announcements and work with media outlets to keep the public informed about our mission and the work that we do saving horses. Experience in media or marketing is required.

Horse Lovers
Minimum Age: 18
We need people who can help feed and care for the horses. This includes cleaning out stalls, shoveling manure, cleaning water troughs, grooming the horses, leading horses from pasture to stalls, etc.. Experience working with horses is preferred, but we provide training if you aren't a "horse person".

Grant Writer
Minimum Age: 18
Prior experience working on grant submissions. Self motivated and can devote the amount of time necessary to identify eligible grant opportunities, determine requirements, and meet deadlines for submission of grant proposals and requests. Requires excellent writing and communication skills.

Wish List Items

$10,000 Barn Addition
Our barn is used to care for our "special needs" horses, who are being rehabilitated and treated after being rescued from starvation and/or abuse. We also use the barn stalls for horses that have medical conditions that need treatment and observation. We need an addition to the barn to provide more stall space and a separate, clean, dry, secure, rodent-proof area for grain and feed storage.

Retire $60,000 Mortgage On Land Purchase
The Sanctuary was forced to purchase the 63 acres land that they had been using to pasture the Sanctuary horses, otherwise the MFMN would have been at risk of closing. We were able to raise $100k of the $165k purchase price. We currently have $60,000 left on the land mortgage that we want to payoff to save the interest costs.

$12,000 Horse Friendly Fencing
The fencing on pasture land that was recently acquired has 3 wire fencing with a top barb wire. The barb wire could potentially injure a horse, and needs to be replaced with fencing more suitable for horses. Also, areas of the fence have been overgrown with brush and other vegetation that needs to be removed and the fence and posts replaced or repaired. The issues with the fence were sited by GFAS during their site visit, as requiring remediation within the next 2 years to maintain our GFAS accreditation.