DreamCatcher Horse Ranch Rescue Center, Inc.

DreamCatcher Horse Ranch Rescue Center, Inc.
10639 Toad Road
Clermont FL 34715

Tax ID/EIN: 32-0283874
Year Founded: 2009
Last Updated 2017-03-19

Public Charity

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Why are we a Messenger?

The EQUUS Foundation has designated our organization as a Messenger. Click here to learn more about our horse care and use practices.

Messengers are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency and accountability by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their operations.

Equine Welfare Network Messenger

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization's primary activity is equine rescue, adoption & retirement.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care of horses to provide its services.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Our Mission is to help prevent cruelty and neglect to horses by rescuing and rehabilitating, then adopting and/or retiring, abused, unwanted and/or starving horses. We provide horses a last chance before being euthanized. We will retrieve neglected horses from horse-farm donations, the Humane Society, and owner give ups…It is our intention to encourage people to donate horses they cannot care for to our organization.

Horse-related programs:
horse rescue and rehabilitation. adoption or sanctuary for older and physically challenged horses.

Non-horse-related programs:

Volunteer Opportunities

Feeding Volunteers
Minimum Age: 12
we are always looking for help with feeding chores from 8-10am in the mornings and 4-6pm int eh evenings. Duties include, feeding the horses, turn out, stall cleaning, wash and refill water buckets. Duties also may include moving feed bags and hay bales which can weigh 50lbs+ please let us know if you are unable to lift this weight)
we can also add you to our volunteer bank for events throughout the year that we need extra help with.

Wish List Items

Our Wish List
There are two large ticket items that are top of our wish list:-

1) A John Deere gator with 2 seat rows so we can take adults and children with disabilities around our barn for tours. Right now we cannot cater to anyone who cannot walk in sand. It would be wonderful to help sick and impaired children and see their faces whey they tour the barn and meet the rescue horses.
2) A manure spreader. We do have one but really need another as we have so many horses.

Also the items below:-

Slow feed hay bags
Fly spray – lots of it!
No climb horse fence
Fence boards 8 x 1 x 4
Black fence paint
Paint rollers and trays
Manure forks
Stall mats
Equine Pine dust bedding
Seminole grain – wellness senior or perform safe
Seminole Ultrabloom fat supplement
Seminole Equalizer supplement
Coastal hay
T & A Hay
Bags of Alfalfa cubes
Bags of Bran
Joint supplements
Sand clear supplements
Shade trees for pastures and communal areas
Landscaping materials for communal walking areas

Contacts for direct donations
VET – Dr Jones, Tel: 352 241 0383 Address: Email
Farrier – Jonathan Porter, Tel: 863 450 7770 Email
Feed Supplier – Clermont Equestrian , Tel: 352 242 1257 Address : 750 West DeSoto St, Clermont FLl 34711 Email
Horse Supplies – Browns family Horse Supplies, Tel: 352 241 4663 Address: 777A South Hwy 27, Clermont FL 34711 Email

Please tell them it’s for DREAMCATCHER HORSE RESCUE Attention Alison or Loran

To make a direct donation
You can either mail directly to us at
10639 Toad RD
Clermont Fl 34715
Or go to our website click on how to help us, then donate now. The donation is made through PayPal. You can specify if you wish what the money is to be used for.

All donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged by letter /fax or email and a receipt will be given if requested

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support – without people like you we couldn’t continue our quest to help our wonderful Equine friends in need.