New Canaan Mounted Troop, Inc.

New Canaan Mounted Troop, Inc.
22 Carter Street
New Canaan CT 06840

Tax ID/EIN: 06-0726610
Year Founded: 1939
Last Updated 2016-07-21

Public Charity

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Why are we a Messenger?

The EQUUS Foundation has designated our organization as a Messenger. Click here to learn more about our horse care and use practices.

Messengers are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency and accountability by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their operations.

Equine Welfare Network Messenger

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Public Service

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care of horses to provide its services.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Founded in 1939 as a chapter of the Junior Cavalry of America, NCMT's mission is to to build leadership, responsibility and confidence in youth through sound horsemanship. We provide a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience that emphasizes teamwork and follows a proprietary curriculum focused on horsemanship, riding, and equine care instruction. Additionally, our "Super Troopers" therapeutic riding and equine care program serves children and adults with special needs.

Horse-related programs:
The Full Cadet Riding and Horsemanship Program: The Full Cadet Program is a grassroots riding program that offers equine care and riding instruction for children ages 7 through 17, for all levels of experience. The Program is structured like a school: all students are required to attend a weekly Equine Care or Barn Day where they learn barn management skills, perform barn chores, address the basic needs of the horses, and attend a veterinary/equine care lecture as part of the NCMT curriculum. Daily tasks include but are not limited to grooming, feeding, blanketing, laundry and cleaning the barn. Weekly group riding lessons focus on the fundamentals of hunt seat equitation, sportsmanship and competition. NCMT uses approximately 30 horses and ponies, which have been wholly or partially donated to the program. All are carefully scrutinized before acceptance, and NCMT maintains a variety of horses to match riders’ abilities. The children learn to ride several different types of horses and ponies, since no one child has exclusive rights or ownership of any one animal. The Program’s academic year runs from September to June. <br /><br />Equine Care Program: NCMT also offers an “Equine Care only” Program for children who may not be ready to ride but are interested in learning the basics of horsemanship, grooming and barn care, and participating in NCMT’s social activities, run by the Leadership Council, described herein. Students participate in weekly Barn Days and are part of all facets of NCMT’s program with the exception of riding lessons. <br /><br />Super Troopers: NCMT launched Super Troopers in 2012 to offer equine therapeutic programs to people with special needs in our community. Recognizing the powerful and positive impact that horses can make in a person’s life, NCMT’s Super Troopers program is designed to promote physical and emotional wellness through equine therapy and horsemanship for children and adults with special needs. Equine Therapy programs have been very successful in helping participants improve not only their body awareness, but their cognitive and emotional skills as well. Our instructors are certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (“PATH”) and are experienced in working with students with autism and its entire spectrum, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, vision and hearing impairment, emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and more. <br />As a PATH center member, NCMT adheres to strict standards and accountability for Super Troopers. It retains additional instructors who are PATH certified and regularly participate in continuing education as required by PATH. NCMT also retains a Therapeutic Program Coordinator to manage the development of the program and to recruit the many trained volunteers who are essential to Super Troopers’ success and high operating standards. NCMT currently has a roster of nearly 90 adult and high school student volunteers.<br /><br />Adult Riding Program: Instruction is offered to adults through group and private lessons throughout the year. No membership is required. Some of our adult Troopers also participate in the Super Troopers program as volunteers.<br /><br />Summer Riding Program: NCMT offers eight weeks of summer camp programs to NCMT members and the general public. Camp structure includes riding, equine care lecture, barn chores, arts and crafts, and an activity in a highly supervised environment. Camp enables children to develop an awareness of the responsibilities involved with the complete care of the horse and serves as a useful introduction to the Cadet Program. High school aged Troopers have the opportunity to work as counselors during summer camp.<br /><br />Horse Shows: During the course of a year, NCMT hosts 8 horse shows, which offer our Cadets and adult riders the opportunity to participate in a competitive event in a relaxed atmosphere. Four horse shows are USEF “C” rated and take place in March, July (2), and October. <br /><br />Community Outreach with Horses: Each spring, NCMT offers “A Taste of Troop”, a three or four week introductory riding and equine care experience to New Canaan residents. This program is designed to allow children and adults with little or no experience the opportunity to participate in the NCMT program at a significantly reduced cost.

Non-horse-related programs:
In accordance with the mission statement, NCMT strives to develop leadership, responsibility and confidence in youth, and uses horses to facilitate this. Many facets of our program are designed to facilitate youth development, as described herein.

NCMT is a democratizing experience. By inviting children from differing socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, all students benefit by learning to be more open-minded and compassionate. When a child comes to NCMT, all else gets checked at the door, and the barn becomes an alternate, safe haven. The children come together for one purpose: to care for the horses. They must work together as a team to run the barn.

NCMT's programs help to develop children into responsible, young adults who graduate from NCMT being very community and civic-minded, as well as skilled horsewomen and horsemen. The NCMT experience is multi-faceted, and it is what makes our Troopers stand out from their peers. NCMT uses the Junior Cavalry Ranking System to recognize the Troopers' dedication and hard work which fosters a mentoring system between the older and younger students.

In addition, NCMT’s programs serve as a baseline for further equine studies and careers involving horses, such as veterinarian practice, barn management, horse show management, equestrian sports – related careers, and others. The only place to learn equine studies is in a barn, and NCMT provides a classroom and an enrichment program like no other.

Review Ceremonies: NCMT holds two Review Ceremonies per year, in December and June, to honor the Troopers for their equestrian achievements and also reward their individual strengths, regardless of athletic ability. Troopers receive honor bars in categories such as courteousness, sportsmanship, effort and improvement, stable efficiency, and Troop spirit. Troopers are promoted in rank during those review ceremonies, which are attended by family members and friends.

Leadership Council Activities: The Leadership Council is comprised of high school-aged Troopers who organize monthly social activities and small fundraisers for the benefit of NCMT as well as other charitable community organizations. Each year, the Council also actively participates in raising summer camp scholarship and emergency veterinary care funds. Many council members also actively volunteer in our Super Trooper program.

Volunteer Opportunities

Therapeutic Riding
Minimum Age: 16
Our "Super Troopers" therapeutic riding and ground program needs volunteers in the ring for horse leading and side walking. Experience not required as we offer training.

Horse Show Volunteers
Minimum Age: 21
We can always use extra hands with parking, ingate and jump crew!

Fundraising Events
Minimum Age: 21
Help is always appreciated for set up and take down as well as general help during events.

Wish List Items

Ponies And Horses
We are always in need of kind, good-natured horses and ponies, ranging from the ability to teach walk, trot, canter to the ability to jump 3 feet.

New or gently used jumps

Paddock Fencing
We would like to create additional paddocks for turn out; installation included would be ideal.