Forward Stride

Forward Stride
23839 SW Daniel Rd
Beaverton, OR 97078
Phone: 503-217-2058

EIN: 32-0082786
Founded: 2003
Profile Last Updated April 25, 2018

Public Charity

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Forward Stride is dedicated to improving lives through equine assisted activities and therapies. Our Rehabilitation Services Program offers people of all ages - including children as young as two - uniquely powerful therapeutic sessions on horseback with licensed physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Our Riding Program helps children and adults of all abilities - including those with special needs - develop fitness, horsemanship skills, and self-confidence. Our Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy program allows individuals to experience psychotherapy with a licensed mental health therapist, a certified equine specialist, and a horse in a unique and natural setting.

Our organization conducts Equine Assisted Services (EAS) in accordance with the EQUUS Foundation Guidelines on Qualifications of Organizations Conducting Equine-Assisted Services (EAS).

Our organization does not provide community outreach and/or public education programs involving horses.

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