Ariat Champions

Sponsored by Ariat International, the Champions program is an incentive-based equine service program to stimulate and reward volunteerism on behalf of horses.

The Champions program recognizes individuals who volunteer for equine charities participating on the EQUUS Foundation Equine Welfare Network. If your charity is not participating, have your charity join the Equine Welfare Network here.

It's easy to become a CHAMPION! Sign up here

Champion Benefits

Win Ariat Products!

Ariat International donates gift certificates each quarter to individuals who achieve Champion status. Each quarter, a drawing will be conducted where five (5) Champions will each receive a $270 Gift Certificate for Ariat Boots.

Win a Grant for Your Favorite Charity!

The EQUUS Foundation is dedicating a minimum of $5,000 in grants to be awarded to EQUUS Foundation Guardians with volunteers participating in the Champions Program.

At least ten (10) Guardians are randomly selected annually to each receive a grant of $500 based on the organization's volunteer participation in the Champions program during the past year. Please make sure you are enrolled by December 31, 2023 to improve your organization's chances to Win A Grant!

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NOTE: As of January 1, 2022, we discontinued the Champion Scholarship program due to lack of participation; however, we are exploring other ways we can help at the national level to reward volunteers for their service. Please let us know your thoughts here! Please include your name and the name of the organization where you volunteer.

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Volunteer for Us!

You can volunteer directly for the EQUUS Foundation by using social media and community outreach to educate and inspire more equestrians and horse lovers to become horse protectors. We know your life is probably jam-packed, but consider hosting an event to support the EQUUS Foundation, such as bake sales, car washes, runs, or trail rides. Log in to post your hours and select EQUUS Foundation as your charity.

More about Social Media

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More about Social Media . . . FACEBOOK   INSTAGRAM   TWITTER
The more followers we have, the stronger a voice we can be for America's horses! "Like" and follow us social media — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — and challenge your friends to do the same.

• Take a photo or make a video with your equine friend. If you do not have a horse to appear with you in your photo or video, you can imitate a horse by stomping, whinnying, snorting, and eating a carrot! Be creative and fun!

• We want your post to be unique and in your own voice. Tell us why horses are special to you and deserve our protection, or you can say something like:
"I, [your name], support the EQUUS Foundation. I want all of America's horses to live in comfort, and with purpose and dignity. I challenge [names of at least three friends you are challenging] to join me."
"I, [your name], support the EQUUS Foundation. I want to share the magic of horses with as many people as possible. I challenge [names of at least three friends you are challenging] to join me."
"I, [your name], support the EQUUS Foundation. I challenge [names of at least three friends you are challenging] to join me and donate at equusfoundation.org/star. Every donation makes a difference!"

• Post your photo or video to social media, tagging #EQUUSFoundation and the friends you are challenging.

More to say:
• As the only national animal welfare charity in the United States 100% dedicated to horse welfare and the horse-human bond, the EQUUS Foundation's mission is to protect America's horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people. Thousands of American horses are transported over the border to slaughter each year. Most are healthy and have untapped potential not just as athletes but also as companions, teachers, and healers.
• The EQUUS Foundation is dedicated to inspiring equine organizations across America to operate at the highest level of horse care and use - and inspiring horse lovers to be horse protectors.
• The EQUUS Foundation focuses its efforts on dramatically increasing the number of adoptions of America's horses in transition, reducing the number of horses potentially at risk for abuse and neglect, increasing the number of horses participating in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) and the availability of EAAT to the special needs population.
• As horse lovers, equestrians and people who work with and care about horses, it is critical that we step up now and take care of these noble animals that need our protection.
• Let’s DO THIS — Show us YOUR posts!!!!!

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Our Thanks

The EQUUS Foundation is deeply grateful to Ariat International for making this program possible.

Ariat Champions