Forever Farms

Meet our Forever Farms

EQUUS Foundation Forever Farms are private and/or for-profit horse farms and equestrian facilities that demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the comfort and dignity of horses throughout their lives by adhering to EQUUS Foundation standards for equine welfare.

We welcome the opportunity to recognize equine organizations with the Forver Farms seal that:
• Conduct competitive, recreational, and therapeutic equine programs with the goal of providing mutually beneficial opportunities for people and equines and contribute positively to their physical, athletic, emotional, cognitive and social well-being;
• Provide peaceful and humane retirement and end of life for one or more aged equines that ensures that they are able to live out their lives in comfort and with dignity;
• Adopt and provide a forever home for one or more equines rescued from abuse, neglect, the threat of slaughter, or surrendered due to owner hardship;
• Foster one or more equines until they are adopted or until a rescue/transition center has space to directly provide care and shelter for the equine;

Please review our eligibility requirements here.

Saving horses - One horse at a time
Most horses will have multiple homes during their lifetimes, but each time the career of a horse comes to an end, they are only one unlucky step away from abuse, neglect and slaughter - even champions of the racetrack and the show ring.

With tens of thousands of America's horses confronted with abuse, neglect, and the threat of being shipped across our borders for slaughter, the EQUUS Foundation welcomes the opportunity to applaud horse farms and equestrian facilities for adopting or fostering a horse until they are adopted or until a rescue center has space to directly provide care and shelter for the horse. Fostering is a powerful way to allow rescue centers to increase their capacity and save more lives.

The EQUUS Foundation also welcomes the opportunity to recognize for-profit organizations that are conducting competitive, recreational, therapeutic equine programs -- allowing more people to benefit from the horse's unique ability to empower, teach and heal and helping to ensure that horses can be safe and productive throughout their lifetimes.

Warioto Farm
Owned by Joni Werthan

Warioto Farm Inc., based in Frankin, Tennessee, is the the first of what we hope will be many horse farms and equestrian facilities across the United States to partner with the EQUUS Foundation to protect America’s horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people.

Warioto Farm Inc.

May 2018 --> Read more here
A Carriage Horse Named Max Finds His Forever Home at the EQUUS Foundation's First Forever Farm

Argyle Ranch

August 6, 2021 --> Read more here
Saving horses one horse at a time! Argyle Ranch Recognized as EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm

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EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm.