#HorseProtector Pledge and Donation
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I wish to take the #HorseProtector Pledge and make a donation to help ensure a humane environment for horses now and in the future.

I understand that horses, donkeys and mules (collectively referred to as horses) are strong and powerful creatures but they are also vulnerable and dependent on human beings for their care and welfare.

Therefore, I pledge that:

  • I will be a friend and voice for horses that may need me and support equine welfare in whatever way I am able.

  • I will treat any horse in my care - now and in the future - with dignity and never put them in a position where they may suffer abuse or neglect.

  • I will never allow any horse in my care - now and in the future - to be sold, transferred, released, or otherwise placed into possession of any person or organization that would cause or allow the horse to be sold at auction for slaughter.

  • I will ensure that any horse in my care - now and in the future - will experience a humane and painless end of life after all reasonable treatment options have been explored.

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