Equine Adoption Day
As the only national animal welfare charity in the United States that is 100 percent dedicated to protecting America's horses and strengthening the horse-human bond, our work begins each time the career of a horse comes to an end. Too many of America's horses are needlessly subjected to abuse and neglect, and the threat of slaughter when their owners cannot, or no longer wish to, care for them.

Now more than ever, it is important to recognize what is worth preserving -- what has the power to make us feel happy, safe, and hopeful. We believe that the bond between horses and people is worth preserving and brings joy to millions of people. We hope you do too!

Thank you for joining us! You can help even if you cannot adopt a horse by supporting the care of adoptable horses while they await their Next Chapters!
Shanette Cohen, Executive Director of the Hampton Classic Horse Show, welcomes you to our Equine Adoption Day.
2021 Hampton Classic Adoption Day Live

Not Ready to Adopt? Be A #HorseProtector!
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Next Chapters is an online network for horse lovers to connect directly with organizations with equines of all shapes and sizes -- horses, ponies, miniature horses, donkeys, mules -- who are ready for adoption.

Our Thanks to Lafitte De Muze & Cheryl Olsten
Donations made to the EQUUS Foundation starting now through the conclusion of the Hampton Classic Horse Show on September 5 will be matched by prize money won by EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassador, Lafitte De Muze, and donated by his owner, Cheryl Olsten, up to $30,000.

Our Thanks to our Gift & Auction Sponsors

Deborah Kalas

Cheryl Olsten & Lafitte De Muze

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