WGC Top Of The Mark

Photo courtesy of Howard Schatzberg
(2010 – )
Owned by Mary Gaylord McClean
Inducted: 2017


Photo courtesy of Howard Schatzberg
Admiration is something Mary Gaylord McClean had earned long before WGCTop Of The Mark was named a 2016 National Horse of Honor by the US Equestrian. McClean received the US Equestrian Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service Award in 2002 in recognition of her dedication to the betterment of the show horse industry and the profession of showing horses. She continues to be an active proponent, especially of the American Saddlebred.

American Saddlebreds compete in four primary divisions in the show ring: Five-Gaited, Three-Gaited, Fine Harness, and Pleasure. The American Saddlebred's graceful gaits are a joy to watch, but it's careful training that makes this breed a show stopper. "Grover," as he is affectionately known, was nicknamed after President Grover Cleveland, the face of the $1,000 bill. Grover's trainer, Tre Lee, has had a strong connection with this distinguished horse, as his Prospect Lane Farm has been the horse's home and training facility since Grover was a weanling.

In 2016, Grover was named Indianapolis Charity Horse Show Five-Gaited Open Stake Grand Champion, Lexington Junior League Horse Show Five-Gaited Grand Champion and Five-Gaited Stallion Stake Champion, and the Five-Gaited Stallion Stake World's Champion.

When WGCTop Of The Mark was crowned 2016's Five-Gaited World's Grand Champion, the breed's highest honor, it was especially poignant for McClean because not only did she own this incredibly exceptional horse, she was also the breeder.

For even the casual observer, this proud breed known for being happy, curious, and flashy, generates excitement and drama in the show ring, endearing them to their owners and admirers. WGCTop Of The Mark is no exception and will continue to captivate for years to come.