DBMC Hukas Olneys Prime Time

(2002 – )
Owned by Samantha Breitling
Inducted: 2018


When Samantha Breitling was just 10 years old, the unspeakable happened. She was out enjoying a ride when the horse collapsed on her and died. After some time passed, her parents, knowing that Samantha was apprehensive to ride again, encouraged her to volunteer at a local rescue that specialized in miniature horses and ponies.

Already skilled at feeding, grooming, lunging, driving, and training, she was given the project of working directly with one of the miniature horses that had come to the rescue abused and with no trust of humans. Her first mission was to catch him. Three hours later, the tiny terror dragged her through the barn and into his stall.

"Rocky was the perfect name for him, because we were off to a rocky start," said Samantha, "but he was as much my project as I was his. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Rocky would become my ROCK, my HEART, and my SOUL. I can count on him to make my dark days bright again".

Never in her wildest dreams did Samantha imagine that Rocky would become a National show horse, therapy horse and an equine ambassador for the breed.

As a National Champion show horse known as DBMC Hukas Olneys Prime Time, Samantha and Rocky traveled all across Arizona and California - and to Tulsa for horse shows where he excelled in obstacle events, jumping and showmanship. During his showing career, he also participated in parades, fairs and parties. Sadly, an inherited weak trachea started to limit his workouts and competitions, but not his heart - so Samantha sought out a new career for Rocky as a registered therapy horse.

Before he was certified through Pet Partners, before he made his visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and therapy clinics, he was Samantha's therapy.

Now, every place Rocky goes, from children to the elderly, Rocky brings love, affection, hope and smiles into places where people had nothing. There is something he senses that can't be taught or trained and he is at peace with his head in the laps of the ill or the sick. He is respectful, sweet, loving and reliable. He can feel - the smiles, the emotions, the energy, the spirits lifted. He can feel it and responds with affection.

His high-top Converse shoes silence his hooves, but people know he is there. He confidently approaches bedsides and chairs, carefully navigating between the hospital furniture, tubes, wires, and equipment. He is loved and requested by patients who make him thank you cards, draw him pictures and wait eagerly for his next arrival.

Rocky brings out the best stories in people, fond childhood memories, the animals they raised and loved, and their children's experiences with horses. For those brief moments, the residents are smiling, laughing and talking. For those brief moments, they forget why they are there. For those brief moments, Rocky takes away their pain - something he has done for Samantha his entire life.

"Being a show horse was fun," said Samantha, "but his true calling is providing therapy to all he reaches, and it has been from the very beginning."