(1993 – )
Owned by EquiCenter, Inc.
Inducted: 2018


Rayne is a big horse with an even bigger heart. His kindness, resilience and gift for healing those with even the greatest challenges have endeared him to all at the EquiCenter in Honeoye Falls, New York. Rayne, a Percheron/Quarter horse cross, lived his younger years as a fox hunter, and now is always called upon when an especially calm, quiet horse is needed. He was the first horse involved in EquiCenter's Heroes and Horses Program for military veterans and has stood honor guard at the funeral of a beloved rider.

Every day this kind, gentle giant offers himself to help others. His calm steadiness invites even the most wary participants to build trust and confidence. Whatever their disability, whether physical, emotional or intellectual, he meets each individual where they are on that day and helps them move forward.

"Rayne is empathic in a way I have never seen before. He knows when someone is hurting and he goes to them to comfort with his calm and loving presence. I have seen it time and again and I am always amazed," said Stacy Friedlander, EquiCenter Co-Founder and PATH Certified Instructor.

Rayne knows what we humans need and never fails to provide it. One day, Rayne suddenly stopped during a lesson and refused to move. Within a minute the rider had a seizure. Rayne has a special ability to detect seizure activity before it is apparent to any of his humans. This rare talent enables him to prepare staff and volunteers to be ready to deal with the situation.

Rayne's remarkable empathy was evident yet another day when one of his riders, who suffers from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), had a bad headache and decided at the last minute that she didn't want to ride. She was seated in her wheelchair and Rayne simply stood there with his head against her so she could stroke him. They stayed that way for some time until she was ready to leave.

"Rayne has given me something nobody and nothing else has been able to. Despite my PTSD, I am fully present with him. I have gained a sense of trust with Rayne. I can laugh and feel happiness while on this gentle giant's back. He accepts me as I am and helps me fight harder to be in a good space. My balance has improved in all areas of my life. My life is so much better since Rayne has been in it," said Colleen B, Military Veteran.

Rayne has participated in all of EquiCenter's various equine assisted programs since 2006 and has had a profound impact on hundreds of participants in his long career. "I have known horses since childhood and am 73 now. I have never met one with Rayne's kindness, empathy or generosity of spirit. He is our Horse Star and now he will be yours," said Ruth J. Myers, EquiCenter volunteer.