Photo courtesy of Avalon Photography
(2011 – )
Owned by Kirk Allgaier
Inducted: 2019


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lynn
Photo courtesy of Ian Farrington
When Kirk and Sally Allgaier began their journey with horses in 2016, they never imagined that they would soon own a Championship award winning stallion. When the couple spotted this flashy, charismatic black Friesian in Holland, he became the obvious choice for their first horse. At only three years old, he was harnessed and driving with other stallions by his side, an impressive feat for any young horse.

Once the 2011 stallion by Doaitsen 420 arrived in the states, Allgaier's trainer Gareth Selwood of Lorick Stables, had a hunch that the young horse's mind and talent under saddle and in the harness would lead to amazing things. With the help of Selwood, Karsten van de Noeste Hoeve, or "Karsten" has been racking up wins across a variety of divisions over the years, and 2018 was no different. He placed first in 34 classes, 22 of those wins with Allgaier at the reins.

The seven-year-old started his extraordinary season in May at the New York State Horse Breeders and International Friesian Show Horse Association Region 2 Championships, winning six regional titles. He moved on to the Region 5 Championships at the Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee in June, garnering six Region 5 wins. At the Midwest Baroque Horse IFSHA Region 6 Championships, he won six championship titles and six reserve titles, followed by five championship titles at the New England Friesians IFSHA Region 1 Championships.

His magnificent season ended when he left the IFSHA World and Grand National Championships with the World Champion Friesian Baroque Senior Stallion and Amateur World Champion Friesian Pleasure Walk Trot Masters titles. He also took home eight IFSHA reserve national titles. His achievements resulted in him being named the United States Equestrian Federation National Champion Horse of the Year Friesian Specialty, and USEF Region 2, 5, and 6 HOTY Champion Friesian Specialty.

For Allgaier though, his proudest moments with Karsten aren't at the reins, but rather in the tender moments the sweet stallion shares with him on the ground. "The show stuff is exciting but honestly, those aren't my proudest moments. My proudest moments with Karsten are when we go into our indoor arena and I try to turn him loose, all he wants to do is hang out with me and follow me around."

Around the barn, Karsten is just as charismatic as he is in the ring. He loves his turnout in lush grass paddocks and enjoys his morning nap every morning after new bedding is laid in his stall, something Allgaier says is "comforting, to know that Karsten is happy where he is and in what he is doing" enough to lay down for his daily nap. Karsten also loves to be photographed, always making sure you get his good side for each and every shot!

"He is super charismatic and full of himself. As soon as you pull out your phone or camera he turns into a different horse. He knows he is beautiful. I have had many people tell me they have never met a Friesian like him before," shares Allgaier.

Today, the Allgaier family has decided to offer breeding services from the stallion, hoping to recreate some of what this jaw-dropping Friesian has given them. He is still enjoying his green paddock and morning naps. Kirk and Sally Allgaier both continue to ride the stallion, along with their son, who only began riding a year ago, showing yet another one of Karsten's great qualities. Through all of Karsten's great achievements, this magnificent animal has shown great versatility. His patience and kind heart have spread lots of love throughout the Allgaier family.

"One of the most amazing things about him is that he has the ability to adjust to whoever is riding him and he takes care of the person riding him. In my eyes, Karsten shines. He is a very special horse."