CH Callaway's Copyright

Photo courtesy of Jen Corcoran, E motion Photography
(1996 – )
Owned by Fox Grape Farms, Inc.
Inducted: 2013


Photo courtesy of USEF Archive
Photo courtesy of Jen Corcoran, E motion Photography
Photo courtesy of Brooke Jacobs Photography
Photo courtesy of Jane Jacobs
CH Callaway's Copyright raised the bar for his breed and forged an incredible competitive show record to rival the likes of American Saddlebreds greatest horses - no easy feat and one that is certain to stand up alongside his predecessors for years to come.

Beginning in 1999, Callaway's Copyright took the Saddlebred show world by storm, putting down his first in a string of wins in the Three-Year-Old Stallion/Gelding Stakes at the famed and revered Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show Horse Show.

When this now-legendary champion owned by Peter and Lynn Via's Fox Grape Farms entered the show ring, the crowd roared with excitement knowing there was a true champion in their midst.

CH Callaway's Copyright earned his Horse of Honor accolades from the United States Equestrian Federation in 2006 as a six-time World's Grand Champion Fine Harness Saddlebred with a show record that spoke for itself.

The son of World's Champion sire Supreme Heir (World's Champion Two-Year-Old Three-Gaited Stake in 1982 and Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Stake in 1983), he was purchased by Fox Grape Farms at Callaway Hills' multi-million dollar sale at Tattersalls for $250,000.

Though he was somewhat difficult to handle at the start of his career, CH Callaway's Copyright found his niche in the fine harness division.

Owner Lynn Via recalls, "He was too nervous under saddle, so as a three-year-old we decided to show him in harness. Once my husband saw him show in harness, he said, 'This is what this horse was born to do.'"

During 2006, "Copy" proved his worth. In August, in front of a packed stadium, the then 10-year-old earned a standing ovation when he defeated Along Came A Spider (Sultan's Great Day x Espere) and became the first six-time winner of the Fine Harness World's Grand Championship in the 104-year history of the Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show.

Copy's unprecedented record for six consecutive World's Championship Horse Show tied the World's Grand Championships of CH Wing Commander and CH My-My, who both competed in the five-gaited division.

Later that year, CH Callaway's Copyright won the 2006 National Fine Harness Championship at the UPHA/American Royal National Championship Show in Kansas City, Missouri.

CH Copyright's career was in no small part helped by trainer John T. Jones of Lexington, Kentucky. Jones acknowledged that for him, Copyright was his horse of a lifetime. "What are the odds of having a horse like that again?", he asked. "That would be like winning the lottery twice. I don't know if anybody will have a fine harness horse like him again. I'm not saying they won't, but you don't come across horses like him every day."

This temperamental, high-maintenance horse thrived on a schedule and loved when his fans brought him his favorite treats - peppermints.

At just under 16 hands, he was not the biggest horse, but his build was compact, powerful and proportionate, his neck strong and arching and his legs clean and finely boned. In the ring, with his superstar personality, he was larger than life.

"His personality was unique. If I had to describe him in two words, I would say, Energizer Bunny. If he were a little kid, he would be considered hyperactive; he would be the ceo of whatever he decided to do. He had boundless energy and loved other horses. When he entered the ring, you couldn't take your eyes off of him. You just stopped looking at everything else. And, he was the happiest horses I have ever had. Never a mood, never a sulk. Tons of personality wrapped up in a ton of athletic ability. I don't think anybody in the Saddlebred industry had even conceived that there would be a fine harness horse like our Copy. He broke the mold. He is a true gift to our breed. I don't expect to have another horse like him," said Lynn Via.

Copy's retired now. He'd been in the show ring since he was two. He's hanging out now - just having fun.