EQUUS Foundation Horse Whisperers

The EQUUS Foundation recognizes the names of loved ones for whom memorial donations were made during the last two years.

September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024

Elizabeth Miller

Isabella Wade


Mary Esther Chwalek

New York Thunder

Richard L. Flowers, Jr.


Tes Sonoit├ęs (Segue)

Zazoe Park

September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023

Amanda Alligood Williams

Anita Marquard

Anthony Evans Jackson




Barry Parker

Betty W. Sallee

Beverly Schneckenburger


Carlos Vitelli

Carol Garges

Carol Gureckis

Carole F. Pechersky

Carolyn Conway


Cassiopeoa (Cassie) 4/24/12-4/6/23



Chestnut Joe

Cindi Vaughan Young


D'Aun Greigo

Dancer Shields


Devon Horniman


Dr. Mark Fitch

Duwane Cumberledge


Flat Bold

Frank A. Ramsden II

Gama Valenciana

George Severn Werness


Guy Rizzo



John Slattery

Joyce Potter

Judy Ann Babuszczak

Judy Richter

Julia Szado Blowers

Julie Matte

Julie Miske




Kathleen Culbertson

Kim Fischman

Kim Levine

Kim Townsend



Laurel Ann Howell

Laurence Lyman Williams

Letha Ann Smith

Linda Morelock

Lisa Soldani

Lord Stanley

Lucy, Ellie, Pina And Hershey


Madison Antoinette Lynch Dingee

Maple Leaf Mel

Margaret Catherine

Mary Lynn Helm

Maybelle Crawford

Melissa Hotz Minarik

Micah Porterfield


Motown & Bailey Barrington



Neva Shoemaker

Norma Naomi Rodgers

Old Man

Olivia Louise Porter

Pam Gilbert Huston

Patricia Pietrzak



Ranzy & Dianne



Rosita Menocal

RV (Andiamo)

Ryan Elizabeth Chisholm

Sallie Ann (Lau) Staley

Samantha Calzone

Satillo River

Scott R. Foster

Selma & Josie

Shelly Stevens

Sherri Jelenic






Horse Whisperers

Making a lasting difference in the lives of people and horses

Horse Whisperers is our named awards program that honors individuals and organizations that provide, or have provided, substantial and much needed resources to ensure that America's horses are safe and live with dignity throughout their lives. The awards bring added recognition to equine charities operating at the highest standards. Horse Whisperer awards may be named in honor of a family member, friend, associate, or in the memory of a loved one or a loved equine companion.

The recipients of Horse Whisperer Awards are selected by the Board of Directors from among EQUUS Foundation grant recipients that best align with the interests of the Horse Whisperers, including those equine charities with which the Horse Whisperer may be familiar.

Michele E. Arnhold Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2008 by the family of Michele E. Arnhold in memory of her life-long passion, her pursuit of excellence, and her commitment and contribution to the equestrian sport.

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Old Lyme, CT

Daniel D. Barkan Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2013 by the family of Daniel D. Barkan, a quiet philanthropist and gentleman, in memory of his life-long love of horses.

Brook Hill Farm, Forest, VA

Augusta Mills Equestrian - Matt Metell Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2021 by the EQUUS Foundation in recognition of the dedication of Augusta Mills Equestrian and Matt Metell to the welfare of horses.

New England Equine Rescue - North Inc., West Newbury, MA

Avalon Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2022 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of Susan Weber in appreciation of her 11 years serving on the EQUUS Foundation Board of Directors and the passing of her beloved Avalon, an imported Friesian, who was a highly trained dressage horse and spent his later life as a therapy horse helping to heal veterans and first responders.

Maryland Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Crownsville, MD

Marguerite Brennan Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2021 by the EQUUS Foundation in memory of Marguerite Brennan and in honor of her loving family, Jane Henderson, her daughter, and Michaela & Sean Pritchett, her grandchildren.

Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement, Inc., Salem, CT

Gore Family Memorial Foundation Trust Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2020 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of the Gore Family's commitment to protecting equines subjected to abuse, neglect and at risk of slaughter.

Drifter's Hearts of Hope, Franktown, CO, and Horse Haven of Tennessee, Inc, Knoxville, TN

Jackson Family Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2020 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of the Jackson Family's commitment to horse welfare.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Lisbon, MD, and Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center, Aldie, VA

Kay Family Foundation Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2021 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of Lauren Kay and the Kay Family Foundation.

Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation, Inc., Lovettsville, VA and Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, Inc., Dover Plains, NY

Lafitte De Muze Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by Cheryl Olsten in the name of her horse, Lafitte De Muze, to protect and make a difference in the lives of horses who are in need of next chapters, with specific emphasis on the re-homing and retirement of Standardbreds.

Sunshine Horses Inc., Clay, NY

Mighty Nice Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by Caroline Moran in recognition of 2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Mighty Nice owned by HnD Group, which was formed in memory of the late Bruce Duchossois, who owned Mighty Nice before his passing in 2014.

Thorncroft Equestrian Center, Malvern, PA

Newstead Foundation Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 by the EQUUS Foundation in recognition of the long-standing dedication of the Newstead Foundation and the Firestone Family to safeguarding of comfort and dignity of horses throughout their lives.

Secretariat Center, Lexington, KY

Otis Booth Foundation Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2021 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of Stephanie Shafran and her daughters, Alexandra and Charlotte Murray, in recognition of their commitment to ensuring that horses remain an important part of American life.

Colorado Horse Rescue, Longmont, CO, and Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, Lexington, KY

Richard L. Parish Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2014 by the family of Richard L. Parish in recognition of his leadership and dedication for over 45 years to the causes supported by the Richard Laurence Parish Foundation and in honor of Margie and Dick Bondy.

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Johns Island, SC, and Green Chimneys, Brewster, NY

Ellen R. Pearl Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2021 by Ellen R. Pearl to be awarded annually through 2025 to an equine rescue that ensures the respect, dignity and comfort of their rescued equines throughout their lives.

Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, South Windham, ME

Judith Richter Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2022 by the EQUUS Foundation in memory of Judith Richter and in recognition of her life-long dedication to horses as a horsewoman of the highest standards and mentor to aspiring riders.

Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc., Bedford Corners, NY

Split Rock Show Jumping Tour/Bobbie & Derek Braun Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2020 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of the dedication of the Braun Family and Split Rock Farm to powerful impact of horses in our lives.

Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, Inc. (CKRH), Lexington, KY

Join Us an A Horse Whisperer!
Contact us at mail@equusfoundation.org for more information.

Ways to Give
The EQUUS Foundation spends significant time evaluating grant applications to ensure that your donation will make a real difference. All grant recipients must meet the Foundation's eligibility requirements and grant making guidelines.

An Unrestricted donation is one that may be used to provide financial support to any of the grant recipients deemed worthy of award by the Board of Directors of the EQUUS Foundation.

Field-of-interest donations are ones where the donors may designate a particular area of charitable interest for the award of a grant, such as programs focused on improving the quality of life of horses, or programs providing opportunities for horses to impact people's lives, especially people with special needs. We will work with you to define your specific interest.