Lafitte De Muze Matching Campaign
Now Through September 4, 2022
Lafitte De Muze Matching Campaign

Donations made to the EQUUS Foundation starting now through the conclusion of the Hampton Classic Horse Show on September 4 will be matched by prize money won by EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassador, Lafitte De Muze, and donated by his owner, Cheryl Olsten, up to $35,000.

That's $70,000 to help care for horses who have been the victims of abuse and neglect – and saved from being shipped off to slaughter, as well as horses at equine therapeutic centers who are enriching and improving the lives of people facing hardships, especially children, veterans and first responders. Donate here.

EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassadors are sport horses whose owners donate a portion of their winnings in equestrian sport competitions to help ensure that all horses are safe, healthy, and treated with dignity as partners.
Please help us reach our goal by September 4!
Donate here
Your Donations at Work!
We are pleased to share stories of just a few of the thousands of horses that benefit from your support.

My name is Deuce and I was a grand prix jumper until I injured my hock. They put me in a stall and I became an emotional wreck until I was rescued by Brook Hill. Today I teach at-risk youth perseverance, resilience and confidence. Like me, they are learning to work through their struggles in order to succeed!

Bear AKA Shorty, a large pony with a BIG personality, participates in our mental health program, driving program and riding program. Occasionally, he gets to go visit veterans at the Veterans' Home of Wyoming. Shorty is a favorite with clients. He loves to play with zipper pulls on folks' jackets and will "smile" almost on command, but mostly because he wants to. Shorty is an excellent therapy horse. He knows who needs a willing partner and who needs their boundaries pushed a little, depending on what a client needs or what activity we are doing.

Stetson's life started out rocky: being dumped at an auction just two weeks after his birth. Never one to let his beginning limit him, he's proven to be quite an incredible fellow. Stetson now leads and picks up his feet with the confidence and composure of a horse much beyond his years. Supporting him supports what DHOH stands for: every horse deserves a second chance. It's all the most heartbreaking when foals' chances are so limited from birth, and we're so happy that Stetson was able to be rescued and have a bright future.

Flour is an older, neglected pony that we rescued this Thanksgiving. When she arrived she seemed depressed and had no zest for life left. She had a severe internal infection and a painful eye that needed treatment. A little girl named Ella, who lives at the rescue with her parents, spent time brushing her and talking quietly to her and Flour seemed to love this. Now that Flour's infection has cleared and her eye is being treated, she is feeling much better and is enjoying giving pony rides and being spoiled. She is ready for adoption and all she needs now is a home and child to call her own!

Stitch and Jack, one of our participants in the veteran’s program, bonded right away. Stitch taught Jack the importance of play, stepping outside of his comfort zone and what it means to belong to a herd. Jack's wife wrote after his passing in December 2021, "Jack was the builder of all trades, the lover of all animals, especially Stitch and the Herd Foundation."

Photo @Maggie Conroy
Minnie is an 18-year old Norwegian Fjord who has been with Mane Stream since 2011.

Honor n' Charm (Charm)
Though Charm came from a long line of proven racehorses, a runner she wasn't so her owners banked on her genes as a brood mare. Bred 18 times in 18 years, her owners planned to euthanize her -- instead -- an opening allowed Charm to live out her life at Mitchell Farm.

Bonita is a sweet, 6 month old filly that came to MVHR after being rescued from severe neglect. Virtually unhandled, but curious about the kind people she has met, and quickly gaining weight and recovering from parasites and malnutrition, MVHR is looking forward to helping Bonita find a life free from the uncertainty that were her first few months.

Patriarch of the herd, reliable, consistent, and as loveable as they come, Stevie has claimed The Shane Center as his own for the past 12 years. At 25 years of age, he has helped improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities by participating in over 2,400 lessons to date! Stevie is shown here with Ben, one of his many best friends.

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