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2017-07-18 - Ariat Continues Support of Dedicated Equine Volunteers

2017-07-11 - Immediate Action Needed Today: Fate of U.S. Horses Up for Vote Wednesday

2017-07-10 - Get Bucked Off to Benefit Horse Welfare at the Kentucky Buck Off Challenge

2017-07-05 - 2017 Fairfield Horse Show Raises Awareness and Funds for Horse Welfare

2017-07-03 - EQUUS Foundation Benefit Luncheon Guests at Fairfield #RideForHorses

2017-07-01 - Katie Tyler Wins Ox Ridge and Fairfield Grand Prixs

2017-06-30 - Kisses & Homes for Adoptable Mini Horses and More at EQUUS Foundation Equine Adoption Day at Fairfield Horse Show

2017-06-21 - EQUUS Foundation Auction at Fairfield Open Now Online! Start Bidding Today!

2017-06-19 - Family Fun and Exciting Show Jumping at the Fairfield Horse Show this Saturday!

2017-06-12 - Meet and Greet Adoptable Minis, Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds, Mustangs and more at the Fairfield June Show

2017-06-07 - Capture Life's Treasured Moments and Save Horses! Tischman Pets Photography Special Photo Fundraiser to Benefit EQUUS Foundation

2017-06-05 - A Beautiful Day for Horse Stars To Shine for the 2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Induction at Old Salem Farm

2017-06-02 - A Relationship of Respect and Compassion for Horses - Fairfield Equine Associates Continues Partnership with EQUUS Foundation at the 2017 Fairfield June Show

2017-05-30 - to award Mini Cooper to Ox Ridge and Fairfield Grand Winners

2017-05-10 - An easy way for EQUUS Foundation Messengers to raise funds! We're here to help!

2017-05-05 - Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows Rally for Horse Welfare & the EQUUS Foundation

2017-04-26 - Chores that make dreams come true

2017-04-08 - EQUUS Foundation Announces 2017 Champion Scholarship Recipients Sponsored by Ariat International

2017-03-30 - Fairfield Welcomes Back EQUUS Foundation

2017-03-22 - Ten Extraordinary Horses To Be Honored on May 21st

2017-03-16 - Equine Education Network expands to include Equine Athletic programs

2017-03-04 - Equestrians #RideForHorses under the lights at the Winter Equestrian Festival

2017-02-24 - Last Call - Spend a Royal Evening with "The Bachelor"

2017-02-22 - Online Auction Opens Today! Everyone can #RideForHorses! You Can Too! Let the Bidding Begin!

2017-02-22 - #RideForHorses - Win A Free Best Performance Competition Membership and That's Not All!

2017-02-17 - Your Prince Just Rode In!

2017-02-10 - Star Power & Horse Power Under the Lights in Support of America's At-Risk Horses

2017-01-31 - Equestrians in Wellington Step Up in Support of America's At-Risk Horses

2017-01-23 - Suzanne Marquard Named 2016 EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipient

2017-01-19 - Discovering "Happy Places" thanks to EQUUS Foundation's Champions & Ariat

2017-01-17 - Fundraising Opportunity for Messengers!

2017-01-11 - Join us for Saturday Night Lights on February 25th . . . for the love of horses!

2016-12-30 - It's not too late!

2016-12-22 - Season's Greetings and Happy New Year

2016-12-21 - Equine Endocrinology Researcher at Ohio State University Awarded EQUUS Foundation Research Fellow

2016-12-16 - Save the Date! Winter in Wellington with the EQUUS Foundation

2016-12-05 - The best gift you can give to horses is . . .

2016-11-30 - CORRAL Riding Academy gets a leg up from Hagyard Pharmacy

2016-11-29 - Because where they go next matters! Giving Back on GIVINGTUESDAY!

2016-11-16 - EQUUS Foundation announces 24 Top Hunter & Jumper Riders as Best Performance Competition Winners Circle Athletes

2016-11-09 - Maryland Horse Discovery Center Network Honored with Klinger Award

2016-11-03 - EQUUS Foundation supports "Foundation Friday" at Harrisburg

2016-10-27 - EQUUS Foundation, Platinum Performance, Kristin Hardin & Bentley Win "Charity Woof Cup" at Del Mar

2016-10-22 - EQUUS Foundation's Champions - Equestrians That Serve

2016-10-15 - Horse Stars Hall of Fame Nominations Open

2016-10-12 - Over 300 horse shows rally for horse welfare!

2016-10-10 - Today through midnight is the last day to ROAR for horses!

2016-09-28 - Pennsylvania National Horse Show joins EQUUS Foundation Alliance

2016-09-12 - Today through October 10, let's show Animal Planet that horses have the loudest ROAR!

2016-09-08 - EQUUS Foundation, Platinum Performance® & Kristin Hardin Team Up for the "Charity Woof Cup"

2016-09-07 - October 28 deadline for 2016 EQUUS Foundation/USEF Humanitarian Award Nominations

2016-09-02 - EQUUS Foundation Awards Over $250,000 in Grants & Scholarships

2016-08-25 - Sanctuary horses benefit from Hagyard Helps Horses program

2016-08-15 - Mother-Daughter volunteer team win $2,500 grant for equine rescue

2016-08-04 - Nominations Now Open for 2016 WIHS Klinger Perpetual Award for Honor & Service

2016-07-25 - Making miracles happen by doing all we can with what we have!

2016-07-15 - Selfies, Champagne & Sunshine Empower Horses & the EQUUS Foundation

2016-07-09 - O'Shea Continues Winning Streak at Fairfield

2016-06-25 - EQUUS Foundation Auction at Fairfield Closing at 2pm Today!

2016-06-22 - EQUUS Foundation Auction at Fairfield now Online! Start Bidding Today!

2016-06-18 - Horses, Free Family Fun & Giving Back on Saturday, June 25th!

2016-06-03 - New Hagyard Helps Horses program to benefit EQUUS Foundation Messengers

2016-06-01 - Enhanced Exhibitor Experience at Upcoming Fairfield June Show

2016-05-05 - EQUUS Foundation Announces 2016 Champion Scholarship Recipients Sponsored by Ariat International

2016-04-25 - Callari Auto Group (BMW, MINI, VOLVO) adds "Horsepower" to the Ox Ridge and Fairfield June Shows

2016-04-21 - The special spirit of equine volunteers seen through this must-see video!

2016-04-19 - Fairfield June Show Increases Prize Money - Prize List Available Online

2016-04-08 - EQUUS Foundation Messenger Auction Rewards - June 11th Deadline

2016-04-04 - Fairfield Equine Partners with EQUUS Foundation to support the Fairfield June Show

2016-03-19 - Fairfield Welcomes Back EQUUS Foundation & Introduces $30,000 Grand Prix

2016-03-10 - Help Horses Heal People - Fairfield County Giving Day Today Until 11:59 PM (EST)!

2016-03-06 - Get ready to give where you live!

2016-03-04 - Tricolors for Team Hagyard & Ariat's Madden at EQUUS Foundation's Best Performance Team Invitational

2016-02-26 - Watch the Best Performance Team Invitational Live You be the judge. Vote for your favorite horse!

2016-02-23 - Last Call: RSVP for the fete cheval etoile

2016-02-22 - Online Auction Now Open for EQUUS Foundation's fete cheval etoile! Let the Bidding Begin!

2016-02-18 - Enter now for the Best Performance Competition at WEF Week 7

2016-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

2016-02-10 - Madden returns as Team Ariat Captain on February 26th to defend "Best Performance" Title

2016-02-01 - Nine Extraordinary Horses To Be Honored on February 26th

2016-01-28 - EQUUS Foundation Messenger Auction Rewards Program

2016-01-25 - Hagyard joins returning Team Sponsors Ariat, Fairfield Equine & Split Rock on February 26th!

2016-01-20 - Kees & Madden to judge top grand prix riders on February 26th

2016-01-19 - Anna Ford named 2015 Humanitarian Award Recipient

2016-01-11 - Why volunteering really matters!

2015-12-31 - Happy New Year from EQUUS Foundation

2015-12-15 - Happy Holidays from one horse lover to another!

2015-12-14 - EQUUS Foundation Research Fellowship Awarded at the 2015 AAEP Convention

2015-12-05 - Calling all horse show managers!

2015-12-01 - Giving back is the new black!

2015-11-29 - Save the date for the Fete Cheval on February 26th in Wellington!

2015-10-22 - The ROAR Results are in!

2015-10-15 - Everything you always wanted to know about horses in one place!

2015-10-12 - Count down to zero today! Last chance to ROAR for horses!

2015-10-09 - It doesn't get any better than this! Equine volunteers speak out!

2015-09-28 - The race is still on - keep ROARing for horses. Vote today!

2015-09-14 - Can You Make A Horse Smile? You Bet! Here's How ... R.O.A.R. Starts Today Through October 12!

2015-09-07 - EQUUS Foundation Applauds its 2015 Horse Whisperer Grant Recipients

2015-09-04 - 2015 EQUUS Foundation/USEF Humanitarian Award Nominations Due by October 30

2015-09-01 - EQUUS Foundation Awards Over $250,000 in Grants & Scholarships in 2015

2015-09-01 - Enrollment Now Open for the 2016 Best Performance Competition

2015-08-03 - Nominations Now Open for 2015 WIHS Klinger Perpetual Award for Honor & Service

2015-07-30 - 2015 Ariat Win A Grant Winners Announced

2015-07-20 - Why Volunteer? Ask Steve, Chelsea, Denise, Cathy and Kadie!

2015-06-25 - Fairfield County Rallies for the EQUUS Foundation

2015-06-23 - Shulman Wins Back to Back Ox Ridge & Fairfield Grand Prixs & Two Minis!

2015-06-20 - EQUUS Foundation Online Auction at Fairfield Closes Saturday at 2pm!

2015-06-17 - EQUUS Foundation Auction at Fairfield Goes Online! Start Bidding Today!

2015-06-15 - Fairfield June Show - Top Notch Equestrian Competition, Philanthropy & Family Fun!

2015-05-04 - 2015 Time to Ride Challenge Under Way

2015-05-01 - EQUUS Foundation Announces Winners of 2015 Champions Scholarships sponsored by Ariat International

2015-04-30 - EQUUS Foundation Launches Equine Education Network

2015-04-17 - Ariat's Champions - Creating Extended Families

2015-04-11 - Fairfield Prize List Now Available Online

2015-03-25 - (BMW, MINI, VOLVO) Supports Two Weeks of World Class Equestrian Competition in Fairfield County This Summer! Ox Ridge and Fairfield Grand Prix Winners to receive a MINI for the summer!

2015-03-24 - ELCR No Land No Horse Update

2015-03-05 - Fairfield June Show Renews Support of EQUUS Foundation

2015-02-26 - Ariat's 2014 Champions Pay it Forward

2015-02-24 - Keenan and Madden Determine Winning Team in Ride-off at EQUUS Foundation 2015 Fete Cheval Etoile

2015-02-17 - Ten Extraordinary Horses To Be Honored on February 20th

2015-02-16 - Tables & Individual Tickets Still Available for this Friday's Fete Cheval Etoile!

2015-02-14 - It's Valentine's Day! Show your love of horses! Attend the Fete Cheval on February 20th!

2015-02-13 - Time's Almost Up! Who Will Win Gold? Seven Teams of Grand Prix Riders Vie for Gold on February 20th!

2015-02-11 - Ariat's Support for Horse Welfare Expands - Madden, Bloomberg and Simpson Will Ride for Ariat and Animal Planet on February 20th

2015-02-09 - You Want To See This! Teams of Grand Prix Riders Face Off for Best Style on February 20th!

2015-02-05 - Chronicle Team King, Bellissimo and Goutal to compete on February 20th at the EQUUS Foundation Best Performance Team Invitational

2015-02-02 - 22 Grand Prix Riders Face George Morris & Katie Prudent on February 20th!

2015-01-26 - Grand Prix Riders Compete for Horse Welfare on February 20th - An Evening of "Firsts"

2015-01-23 - ASHA Equine Welfare Committee Named 2014 EQUUS Foundation/USEF Humanitarian Award Recipient

2015-01-08 - Nationwide - Horse shows are signing up to support horse welfare!

2015-01-04 - George Morris and Katie Prudent to judge the first Best Performance Team Invitational