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Where is located?

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is located at , , , .

Our organization has use of the following at this facility:
Do horses have assigned stalls? *MissingHorses are stalled for *Missing hours per day, on average.
The following describes the pastures at this facility:
The following describes the turnout areas other than pastures at this facility:
How many hours per day, on average, are horses turned out:
The following items are consistent with our feed management plan and practices:
Do horses have access to clean drinking water at all times?   *Missing
Hoof Care: How often is hoof care provided for each horse? *Missing
Dental Care: How often is dental care provided for each horse? *Missing
Horse checks: How often are horses visually and physically checked by personnel at the facility? *Missing
Parasite Control: Our organization has the following worming protocols in place:
Fly/Insect Control: What remedies are used to control flies and insects? :

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Our Rehoming Policies

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Our organization has the following re-homing (adoption/purchase) policies and procedures in place:

Our organization requires references from the following:
Transfer of ownership occurs:   *Missing

The average equine re-homing (adoption/purchase) fee received by your organization:  *Missing

Re-homing Agreement *Missing

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More About Us

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:





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