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Jill's story
     In 2019, Jill was part of a herd known as the Fall City 40, a hoarding case disguised as a wild horse nonprofit. She and 39 other horses where living in mud, starving, with not enough shelter and infested with worms. There were between 14 to 23 horses in the original herd, but because stallions and mares were turned out together and allowed to breed freely, the herd grew. Babies died because they were stuck in the mud and couldn’t get up to nurse, it was a horrible situation.
     Staff and volunteers worked countless hours and endured many heartbreaks as they quickly tried to find homes for all 40. In the “end” the staff found 32 homes, while 8 made their way to SAFE. Jill was one of those eight and she spent the last 2 years and 8 months growing up, playing, being silly and learning the necessary skills be a riding horse, so one day Anna could find her new best friend. It brings smiles to our faces seeing Jill with a mouth full of grass at her new home and knowing the trail riding adventures in store for her. It's happily a stark difference to the filly we met almost 3 years ago.

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