Happy Endings!
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Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary
Ravenna, OH

Jake originally arrived at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary from a rescue 13 years ago. Due to a previous injury, Jake was not rideable, but that did not stop an equine therapeutic program from adopting him shortly after his initial arrival as a ground lesson horse.
     Unfortunately, the program had to close its doors, and Jake found his way back to HTFAS earlier in 2021. He enjoyed life at the sanctuary and loved meeting new friends during our tour season. One tour was particularly special, as Jake made a connection to a couple that resulted in his adoption! The couple submitted their adoption application a few days after their visit, constructed fencing, made improvements to their barn, and even cleared paths in the woods for Jake to explore!
     We couldn’t have dreamt of a better home, as they recognize his calm and gentle nature, and are happy to have him as a non-rideable horse. The best part? Jake has a seven-year-old human sister that he gets to call his best friend! The whole family takes walks together in the woods, and his adopters love watching Jake peacefully graze in his beautiful pasture.

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