Happy Endings!
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Kentucky Equine Adoption Center
Lexington, KY

Recently one of our long-term residents, Daisy, found a wonderful home with a great adopter.
     Daisy came to us from Eastern Kentucky where she had been free roaming and essentially feral for a few years. She had a nasty case of fistulous withers and was very frightened of people. During her time with us her fistulous withers were treated and successfully healed but it was determined by our vets that she should remain a companion only horse and not be ridden. After almost two years of being at the KYEAC, Daisy found a great home with Paul & Susan Ramey, who intend to keep Daisy as a companion for their other 2 horses and continue doing groundwork with her. They have considered even teaching her to drive if she seems to like it! Daisy is getting a lot of one-on-one time with her new adopters, which is exactly the type of home she needs and we are so thrilled that she finally has her perfect home!
     Attached is an image of when Daisy first arrived and two photos of her in her new home.

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