Happy Endings!
Caliente Dama de Ramses
Happy Endings shared by
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc.
Junction City, KS

Cool story: Caliente (Dama) was sold during a divorce. The 17 year old daughter was broken hearted. Fast forward 13 years and the then 17 year old (Paige) saw our post about Dama on Facebook. 30 years old now, she can provide for horses. She reached out. She lives in TX now She will adopt Dama in July when she comes to visit Kansas family. Full circle…. This kind of thing seldom happens…
     The first sweet photo is of Dama when she was 4-5 years of age (2006), with a young lady who would eventually become her adopter in 2022. The second photo is the adoption photo.

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