Happy Endings!
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Bagaduce River Equine Rescue

This Monday morning, at 330, I stepped out of the door into the crisp morning air, the stars were shining bright, the clearest sky I have seen in a while.
     Rescue is seldom described as a fairytale adventure. It is usually days full of shoveling poop, picking out muddy hooves, dealing with herd dynamics, lugging hay bales and grain, worrying about this horse or that one and making decisions that are seldom easy to make.
     At the barn the donkeys honked, thinking I was just early with breakfast. I walked out back and gave Mack his breakfast for the last time. We talked for a minute while he ate and then, like a perfect gentleman, he followed me into the dark, calm and trusting. He stepped onto the giant trailer that was waiting in the driveway. We closed the doors and I said good bye to Mack.
     Mack is on his way to Virginia, a long ass trip down the east coast today but he is in very good hands. Kelly Britts fell in love with Mack and knew immediately he would be a perfect fit at her home at Falcons Nest Farm in Virginia. In time, after settling in, Mack is going to be part of the equine program at Horse and Soul Counseling. A program that provides mental health counseling through equine assisted psychotherapy to veterans among others.
     I watched the lights of the trailer leave down the road and thought sometimes fairytales do happen - and then I saw (I am not kidding) a shooting star :)
     Happily ever after Mack - Happily ever after ♥

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