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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals
South Windham, ME

Holly's back story is that she arrived at the MSSPA on May 19th, 2022. The MSSPA received a call from Holly's previous owner one day prior that she was going to have her euthanized because she needed to move her to a different boarding situation and she couldn't afford it (the owner was keeping her at a friend's). The MSSPA sent a staff member to go meet the pony that afternoon and she was incredibly sweet. Holly arrived at the farm the next day. The owner had purchased the pony from a "rescue extension" because she felt bad for the pony and wanted to give her a good life. The owner only had Holly for 6 weeks before needing to rehome her. This is a great example that the MSSPA is seeing a trend of needing to "rescue the rescuer", someone who thinks they are doing best by the animals but they are unable to afford even the basic care for the horse.
     Holly's intended use is to be a companion to the adopter's other horses. Holly has a number of metabolic issues and it is so great she has found a soft landing with someone who will give her everything she needs and deserves. Often companion horses are more difficult to rehome, but the adopter could not pass up Holly's exceptional temperament.
     The adopters' names are Julia Daley and her daughter Kalli.

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