Happy Endings!
Happy Endings shared by
Colorado Horse Rescue
Longmont, CO

Legend came to Colorado Horse Rescue from a responsible private owner who needed to re-home him and wanted to ensure that he would find a safe and loving home through a trusted organization. While Legend was at Colorado Horse Rescue, he received consistent training and conditioning that helped this already very agreeable horse to thrive in and out of the arena. Legend also spent a semester at Colorado State University in the Right Horse Training Program in which he was paired with a student to work with for the semester, getting great exposure to different environments and training techniques.
     Now, Legend has found the right family for him, and a talented young rider who will be riding him in her 4H group.
     "It took some time for this special Arabian gelding to find his right people, but the minute this family found him we knew it was a perfect match," Grace Degnan, Colorado Horse Rescue.

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