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Just a Shanghai
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MaryKate Kordash had always wanted to adopt or rescue an off the track thoroughbred, as they have always held a very special place in her heart. At the beginning of August, she was casually looking for a horse to adopt and came across Hope for Horses.
     "I saw Just A Shanghai’s profile and had what I thought was a gut feeling urge to go for it and apply to adopt him."MaryKate commended Anita Markiewicz for her prompt communication during the adoption process, making it a stress free experience. Anita also put her in touch with a hauler to haul Just A Shanghai up to Oregon for an affordable cost.
     "Just A Shanghai has been with me for almost three weeks now and is everything I could have dreamed of in a horse. I go out to the barn to see him nearly every day and groom him. We just started walking under saddle and he is of course already a pro. He wants to please and has the best mindset a three-year-old could have. We have quite a few younger kids at the barn and they absolutely adore him and his loving personality. He has become a barn favorite for sure! I cannot wait for our future together!"

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