Happy Endings!
One Hundred Miles
Happy Endings shared by
Hope for Horses, Inc.

Alexis Baze never envisioned that her next equine partner would come from a rehab/rescue facility, but after happening upon Hope for Horses one day and after thorough research into their mission, she knew they were the one.
     “8/29/2020 will forever be a special day in my life, as it is the day I got to bring my heart horse home! Onehundredmiles who’s barn name is now Archie (as he is bold and brave) has quickly stolen my heart in the short 7 weeks that we have spent together.”
     Alexis valued the pre-screening process for adoption that she had to go through in order to adopt Archie. She commended Anita Markiewicz for prioritizing finding the right person for the horses in her care. “She has an incredible wealth of knowledge, and is so willing to share it with those around her. She knows these horses inside and out, and her experience makes her assessments of each horse’s personalities, skill set, temperament, handling needs, and future capabilities spot on.”Alexis is grateful for Anita’s accurate assessment of Archie, and expressed that they “have a great bond already, and a fantastic partnership that will continue to grow!”
     “This has been a wonderful experience, and knowing Anita is dedicated to correctly matching these horses with their human partners means I will start here whenever it is time for another equine partner. I recommend adoption to anyone else with the skill set and time to take on a project of their own!

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