Happy Endings!
Uh Oh Baby (Bilbo)
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Win Place Home, Inc.
Canyon Country, CA

Bilbo is now at Bonelli Equestrian in San Dimas, CA. He has a completely covered stall and then a run out back which he LOVES. He gets to look out in the hills and nap in the sun. He will be doing light trail and arena riding with his new owner Michelle Stepanian.
     "I lost both of my mares last year and didn't know if I would ever find another horse for me..until I went to Win Place Home and met CJ and Bilbo! Bilbo came along just at the right time. Thanks to CJ I was fortunate enough to spend many weekends getting to know Bilbo. From walking, grooming, bathing and eventually a few rides. He is such a sweet kind old soul and allows me to love all over him, just what I needed. From day 1 I saw something in his eyes that drew me to him and he stuck in my mind and heart. The rest will be history and I am so excited to take him on his "next adventure"."
     Many of Michelle and Bilbo's adventures can be seen on Facebook(Michelle Stepanian)!
     "This has truly been the best experience and I cannot stop telling my family and horse friends about it. They are all amazed at how calm and snuggly he is. To be able to really get to know a horse like I did and then get the opportunity to adopt him makes me smile and brings such joy to me and I think to Bilbo also. CJ is not just amazing at how she loves and cares for these thoroughbreds she is also a genuine person that I now consider a friend. CJ thank you for all you do for these horses and for giving me my boy. I am forever grateful!!"

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