Age: 22 years old | Height: 14 hands | Gender: Mare | Breed: Mustang
Offered by All About Equine Animal Rescue
El Dorado Hills, CA
Rehoming Fee: $550.00

Allie came to AAE in June 2020 from a distressed sanctuary situation. She was a bit timid and untrusting; however, with a slow approach, she was haltered and loaded easily. Allie has a mass over her left ribcage that is apparently scar tissue from an old recurrent cyst (removed three times). She also has scars on her hind legs from past skin irritation/infection similar to Scratches. Once haltered, Allie seems to enjoy grooming, accepts fly spray, and all four hooves can be handled and cleaned, gently; however, when attempting to trim the hind hooves, her legs seem tender around the scars, and she has kicked. For now, she may need sedation to trim hind hooves. The cyst area occasionally has very slight drainage; two vet exams have been inconclusive, and it appears to be scar tissue. As far as we know and can tell, Allie was never started under saddle, and due to her age and lack of confidence, she is not a good candidate as a riding horse. Allie is best suited for a companion home with someone that is easy-going, has low energy, and enjoys the trust-building experience with horses and the bond that follows. She is not suitable for a beginner. Allie loaded readily when we picked her up, and we will be revisiting the trailer in time. Allie is current with dental and hoof care, vaccines, and deworming, and she has a microchip. Her cyst area may need future vet evaluation, but for now, no significant issues have been identified. In general, there is a lot of activity around AAE including foot traffic in and out of paddock/pasture areas, mucking with wheelbarrows, grooming and care activities, weekly farrier visits. There are resident dogs, cats, chickens, and mini horses, as well as various wildlife including frequent turkeys and squirrels in and around paddock/pasture areas. AAE is situated on the corner of a busy road with high speed vehicles, trucks, and sirens. Tractors are used in and around pasture/paddock areas, trucks deliver feed, and a squeeze is occasionally used for unloading hay. Neighbors have weekly gardeners that utilize various power tools, and children that are active in yards adjacent to some stall/paddock areas. Horses at AAE are accustomed to a more active environment as opposed to a quiet/sterile environment.

Best career/placement option for Allie:     Pasture Mate

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