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Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.
Middletown, CT

Seeking horse for therapeutic riding.

We are seeking a Horse that meets the following criteria:
Age Range:
Aged Under 6  Aged 6-9  Aged 10-14  Aged 15-20  Aged Over 20


Size Preference:
Small Horse (14.3 to 15.3h) Large Horse (16.0 to 16.3h)

Activities that the equine will be expected to perform:
    English Walk/Trot
    English Walk/Trot/Canter
    Western Walk/Trot
    Western Walk/Trot/Canter

Current/former experience/training which could make the equine suitable for your program:
    Trail Riding
    Western Dressage
    Western Pleasure
    Western Ranch

The organization has the following policies about horses who are sound and healthy but have the following chronic conditions that require medication:
Lyme Disease: Not Accept
Cushing's Disease: Not Accept
Thyroid Disease: Not Accept
Navicular Disease: Not Accept
Inflammation: Not Accept

Location: The equine will be located at Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc., 874 Millbrook Road, Middletown, CT 06457


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