2021 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2021 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Dollar
Birth Year: 2002 Gender: Mare. Breed: Quarter Horse


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National Riding Stables Horse Rescue
Dollar is a former western cutting horse, whom we purchased at auction in 2015. She is extremely sweet and lovable and was so highly trained in the specialized skills of a cutting horse that inexperienced riders confused her and she didn't know how to respond. Consequently, Dollar was not used for trail ride customers, but only by our wranglers.

However, it soon became apparent that the hard life of a cutting horse had taken a permanent toll on Dollar's joints and ligaments. Consequently, we retired her from active use in 2017 and she is now trying to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

On good days, Dollar happily trots from the pasture into the barn for her daily feeding and grooming, but on bad days she can barely make the half-mile journey. We have tried all sorts of joint supplements but none seem to have any lasting effect. We would dearly like to try "Platinum Performance® CJ" but the price is almost prohibitive for our budget.

Dollar is only 18 years old and should be able to look forward to many healthy retirement years. We certainly hope that Platinum Performance CJ will help.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Dollar was purchased at auction in 2015 and is owned by National Riding Stables Horse Rescue, a 501c3 horse rescue and sanctuary. -- John A Latschar