Winners Circle

Our Winners Circle recognizes individuals and organizations who generously support the goals and mission of the EQUUS Foundation.



All One Fund

Georgina Bloomberg

Melissa & Marc Ganzi

Cheryl Olsten & Lafitte De Muze

Otis Booth Foundation

Caryl Philips and Frank Zeiss

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Press



Bobbie Braun and the Neuwirth Foundation

Roger Carey

Fox Alternative Entertainment

Annette and Bruce Grant

Natalie Louise Jackson

Penny Brandt Jackson and Thomas Campbell Jackson

Kay Family Foundation

Samantha Kelly

Serena Marron

Caroline A. Moran

Newstead Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bondy and The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation

The Redlus Family Charitable Giving Fund

Beverly and Arvind Sodhani

Susan Stanley

Miriam Sternlicht

William D. Laurie Charitable Foundation



The Adikes Family Foundation

Erik Anderson

Jenny Belknap and Tim Kees

The Coakley Family

Ara Cohen

The Estee Lauder Companies

The Gumbo Foundation

The Hallowell Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation

Jane Henderson

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Herman

Elizabeth L. Johnson Fund

Lannie Lipson

Michael Smith

Ambassador & Mrs. Ronald P. Spogli

Taylor Harris Insurance Services




John W. and Margaret G. Bertsch Charitable Foundation

Teresa Boss

The Broder Family Foundation Inc.

Michael Crane

Michelle Durpetti

Grace Fisher

Foundation Source

Carrie Freeman

William R. Harris Jr.

Darin Kucera

Kate Mancosh & the Mancosh Family

Don Perry

Sophie Stenbeck



Treg Manning & AIRBUS PAC

Robert Anderson

Bernadette Baker, Eric Baker, Harriet, Imogen, Bridget & Andy Baker-White

Susan & Chris Calger

Mary & Michael Carpenter

Susanne & Barry Cooper

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cornell

Crofton Family Charitable Fund

Lily Cutair

Elizabeth Doherty

EmpowerMe Wellness

Valerie Fishgold

David Florimbi

Mr. & Mrs. David Goodwin

Hanson Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hinckley

Tracey Hogan

Laura and Karen Horton

The Katcher Wegner Charitable Fund

Kaitlyn King

Jessica & William Koenigsberg

Carol Lamb and Mike Napier

Cynthia Linsenbardt

Diane Lippert

Suzanne Marquard

Maja McGuire

The Nabit Foundation

Jody and Michael Ostroff

Lexie Potamkin

Cheryl M. Rakestraw

Lauren Sawyer

Rosalind Schaefer

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sheptoff

Shiraz Creative and Shai Tertner

Susan Smith Ellis

Trischman Family Foundation

Dana Trotter

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