Morehead State University Equestrian Teams

Morehead State University Equestrian Teams
150 University Blvd
Phone: 317-714-5083

EIN: 11-3476338
Founded: 1967
Profile Last Updated October 28, 2018

**Affiliate: Educational Institution

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
The MSU Derrickson Agricultural Complex is home to 40 horses of different breeds used in weekly team practices as well as riding classes and workouts. MSU offers intercollegiate show teams in the following disciplines: Hunt Seat, Stock Seat and Saddle Seat. All of the horses have had experience in the show ring, either with team members or summer lessees, and have proved their worth through their versatility and ability to go from lesson horse to show horse.

The MSU equine family has a great group of horses for the team to practice on. There are quarter horses, thoroughbreds, paints, warm bloods, hunter ponies and Appaloosas to ride during the team practices. MSU promises to have a horse to match your riding level and experience.

All Equine Team members are also part of MSU's Equestrian Club, which is open to anyone interested in the program regardless of experience. Overall, the three teams and club members work as a single entity and make for a great environment to learn and enjoy the equestrian field.

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