March 23, 2017
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Ten Extraordinary Horses To Be Honored on May 21st

Ten horses will be inducted into the Horse Stars Hall of Fame for 2017 during the Old Salem May Horse Show, in North Salem, New York - the prestigious two-week event that is held at one of the nation's premier equestrian facilities. The ceremony will precede the $130,000 Empire State Grand Prix on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

The Hall of Fame, established by the EQUUS Foundation and US Equestrian in 2013, celebrates the extraordinary talent of horses and the magical bond between horses and people.

"Old Salem Farm is thrilled to host the 2017 EQUUS Foundation Horse Stars Hall of Fame awards celebrating the magic of outstanding and unique horses and all they bring to the lives of humans," said Alan Bietsch of Old Salem.

"Horses are such special creatures who enhance our lives in so many ways and give us strength and inspiration in their power -- and their vulnerability. They make us fly and soar and teach us to be compassionate and respectful. We are better and more hopeful people because of horses. The EQUUS Foundation is so proud to partner with beautiful Old Salem Farm to honor the 2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame recipients and their owners," said Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation VP of Communications and Special Projects.

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Billy White Shoes
Billy White Shoes

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Dancer

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee HH Azur
HH Azur

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Sjaantje

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee WGC Top of the Mark
WGCTop of the Mark

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Catch Me
Catch Me

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee GTR Patricks Vindicator
GTR Patricks Vindicator

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Mighty Nice
Mighty Nice

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Sutter

2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Twin Pond Camotion
Twin Pond Camotion

The five horses selected by US Equestrian to be honored for their athletic achievements are Catch Me owned by David and Becky Gochman, HH Azur owned by Double H Farm & Francois Mathy, Mighty Nice owned by HnD Group, Sjaantje owned by Gail Aumiller & Dreams Come True Farm and WGCTop Of The Mark owned by Mary Gaylord McClean.

The five horses selected by the EQUUS Foundation to be recognized for their inspirational and life-changing impact on people are Billy White Shoes, deceased, owned by Roxane Lawrence Durant, Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA), Dancer owned by JoyRide Center, GTR Patricks Vindicator, owned by Sarah Schaaf, Sutter, owned by Neda DeMayo, Return to Freedom and Twin Pond Camotion, deceased, owned by Debi Demick, Horses Helping Heroes Project.

Stay tuned for May 21st induction ceremony starting at 2:15 pm when the stories of these remarkable horses will be revealed on the Horse Stars Hall of Fame website - and watch the live stream at www.oldsalemfarm.net!

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