November 23, 2017
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"Countless people experience the fulfillment of spending their days around horses. They are giving creatures who ask for nothing and carry out their duties without reward. Let us protect and honor these wonderful creatures to the best of our ability." These were the words of Joe Fargis, 1984 individual and team Olympic Gold Medalist in show jumping, when accepting the US Equestrian Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

Horses thrill us as athletes, inspire confidence and teamwork in equestrians of all ages, grace our lives as companions, and perform miracles for people with special needs. Yet, all horses, even champions of the racetrack and the show ring, are only one unlucky sale away from abuse, neglect and slaughter. It's hard to imagine that over 100,000 of America's horses were transported over the border last year to be slaughtered. Most were young, healthy, and had untapped potential to be companions, teachers, and especially healers.

Where They Go Next Matters
And It's Up to All of Us!

As the only national animal welfare charity in the United States 100% dedicated to horse welfare and the horse-human bond, the EQUUS Foundation is committed to:
• Increasing the rehoming of America's horses in transition and ensuring that all of America's horses are safe and live in comfort with purpose and dignity.
• Increasing the number of horses participating in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT)
• Expanding the means for as many people as possible to benefit from the horse's unique ability to empower, teach and heal.

We have developed one of the most comprehensive and impartial verification processes to inspire donor confidence in the charities that receive financial support each year. This year we awarded over $200,000 to organizations operating at the highest standards for horse care and use and for programs where it is needed most.

There are many more deserving organizations that need a helping hand. We'd like to double our awards in 2018 with your help and by educating and inspiring more equestrians and horse lovers to become horse protectors.

On behalf of the EQUUS Foundation, we wish you Happy Holidays and hope you will consider us in your end-of-year gift giving.

About EQUUS Foundation: The EQUUS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity established in 2002, also known as Horse Charities of America, the only national animal welfare charity in the United States dedicated solely to horse welfare and the horse-human bond. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contact the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., at 168 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880, Tele: (203) 259-1550, E-Mail: mail@equusfoundation.org, Website: www.equusfoundation.org.
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