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May 6, 2019
Nine "Larger Than Life" Horses Inducted into the Horse Stars Hall of Fame

The Horse Stars Hall of Fame was established by the EQUUS Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) in 2013 to celebrate the extraordinary talent of horses and their magical and powerful bond with people. The USEF inducts the horses recognized annually as "Horses of Honor" for their stellar athletic performances. The EQUUS Foundation inducts horses who have had an inspirational impact on the public as companions, teachers and healers.

The 2019 inductees are Big D, Cobra, Eddie Blue, Karsten, Lazy Days Midnight Lightning, Ms Dreamy, Petey, Private Practice and Wandering Angus. "By sharing the stories of these amazing horses, we hope to build a more informed and compassionate America that values the impact of horses in our lives," said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President.

2019 EQUUS Foundation Inductees

Big D
(2002 - )
Owned by Baltimore Police Department Mounted Unit

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Big D and Sergeant Russell Robar
"Larger than life" is the phrase that could be used to describe 'Big D' not only in stature but also in the size of his heart and his willingness to serve and protect his community.

Big D, also known as 'Dino,' is an integral member of the Baltimore Police Mounted Unit in Baltimore, Maryland, serving as a peacekeeper and dedicated public servant.

The 16-year-old Belgian Draft gelding is the beloved partner of Sergeant Russell Robar and together the pair has developed a tight knit bond since their partnership began in 2016. Big D is a wonderful example of a horse who found a meaningful second career. Dino and most of the unit's horses came from Amish farms and were retired after years of pulling plows and farm wagons. Read More

Lazy Days Midnight Lightning
(2002 - )
Owned by Tara Needham

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Lazy Days Midnight Lightning (Leo)
In 2002, when life-long equestrian Tara Needham went on the hunt for a therapy horse partner in Norco, California, what she didn't expect to find was an 8-month-old American Miniature Horse that would dedicate his life to helping others.

Standing under 20" tall, the tiny colt had striking markings and a gentle nature about him. His ability to know the difference between being a playful horse who loves to kick up his heels and when to mellow out captured Needham's heart. Read More

(2006 - )
Owned by Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Photo courtesy of Maggie Logan
At first glance, one's attention is immediately drawn to Petey's beautiful blue eyes and unique markings, but the striking gelding is much more than meets the eye. Petey is a Medicine Hat Paint, a breed known for its mostly white coat with colored markings on the ears and top of the head, which resemble a hat.

The breed is particularly special as it is thought to be lucky, extremely intelligent and possess superior abilities to other equines, all of which are certainly true when describing Petey. Prior to becoming a beloved therapy horse at Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding in Milford, Ohio in January 2016, Petey was a Pony Club mount living in Kentucky. Read More

Wandering Angus
(1997- )
Owned by Katy Hansen

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Wandering Angus
Photo courtesy of Sue Coppola, Sirius Photography
Wandering Angus, better known as 'Angus,' is a valued team member of Great and Small Therapeutic Riding in Boyds, Maryland. Angus knows a thing or two about being cool and confident.

That self-confidence is just one of many things that the former racehorse and eventing horse instills in his riders, volunteers and anyone else who has the pleasure of meeting him.

Quirky and particular as to his likes and dislikes, Angus' riders admit that his personality grows on them like moss; to know him, and accept him as he truly is, is to love him, and to find a loyal friend in return. Read More

2019 United States Equestrian Federation Inductees

(2004 - )
Owned by Marsha Hartford-Sapp

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Cobra and Marsha Hartford-Sapp
Photo courtesy of Kim Chason (www.chasonphotos.com)
Born wild in the mountains of Nevada, Cobra was rounded up as a stallion at the age of six. After the Bureau of Land Management deemed the Mustang unadoptable, Cobra was branded on the hip with a number. That number was 4057.

In the summer of 2010, number 4057 was given his lucky break when he joined a group of 200 horses that were eligible for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. It was there that a strange twist of fate paired him with his current trainer and owner, Marsha Hartford-Sapp of Tallahassee, Florida. Read More

Eddie Blue
(2009 - )
Owned by LL Show Jumpers, LLC - Lori Larrabee

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Eddie Blue and Devin Ryan
Photo courtesy of Erin Gilmore for Shannon Brinkman
In 2013 Lori Larrabee purchased a four-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding as her next investment horse for her business LL Show Jumpers LLC. With the help of Devin Ryan, Larrabee imported the handsome grey horse that came to be known as Eddie Blue, or "Eddie".

Eddie Blue's talent was evident as soon as he entered the show ring. His stellar scope and powerful height over fences make him a "must-watch" horse on the jumping circuit. Read More

(2011 - )
Owned by Kirk Allgaier

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Karsten and Gareth Selwood
Photo courtesy of Avalon Photography
When Kirk and Sally Allgaier began their journey with horses in 2016, they never imagined that they would soon own a Championship award winning stallion. When the couple spotted this flashy, charismatic black Friesian in Holland, he became the obvious choice for their first horse.

Once the stallion arrived in the states, Allgaier's trainer Gareth Selwood of Lorick Stables, had a hunch that the young horse's mind and talent under saddle and in the harness would lead to amazing things. Read More

Ms Dreamy
(2010- )
Owned by Frederick Christen

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Ms Dreamy and Dan Huss
Photo courtesy of Erin Gilmore for Shannon Brinkman
Those who have the honor of knowing reining super star Ms Dreamy would agree that the 9-year-old Quarter Horse mare has big talent and an even bigger heart. "She had the heart to step up and be a contender for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) under the guidance of Dan and Wendy Huss," owner Frederick Christen said.

But qualifying for the WEG was just the beginning for Ms Dreamy, who would go on to make not only her inner circle of riders, trainers and Christen proud, but the entire World Reining community. Read More

Private Practice
(2010 - )
Owned by Dr. Brad Wolf

2019 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee
Private Practice and Victoria Colvin
Photo courtesy of Shawn McMillen Photography
Having only begun his hunter career in 2018, Private Practice has already amassed a record that most owners and riders can only dream of their horse achieving. Fondly known as 'Peter' in the barn, the 8-year-old Holsteiner gelding by Lordanos has made a swift transition from the jumpers to winning in the hunters.

Those who have been lucky enough to watch Peter in action immediately notice his natural style, beautiful movement and impeccable jump, all of which he makes look effortless. Read More

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