2021 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2021 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Noffy
Birth Year: 1997 Gender: Mare. Breed: Icelandic Horse


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Dreams on Horseback
Noffy, our smallest horse at the barn began her life in Iceland. Brought to this country as a child's riding pony, Noffy found her greatest calling as a therapeutic riding pony. This amazing mare's demeanor makes her the target of more affection than she probably needs by the countless riders and volunteers that cannot resist her wild "hair do" and the hearts that her groom creates on her hind quarters each time she is body clipped to remove the formidable coat that Icelandics are known for. Noffy, though advancing in years, does her job joyfully. She not only carries our "littles" but also pitches in for smaller adults with cerebral palsy that require a narrow horse to accomodate their spastic pelvic girdle. Her short stature also helps sidewalkers support our riders with the greatest need for physical support to stay on the horse. Each week Noffy participates in twelve hours of therapeutic riding lessons and has the perfect demeanor as pool noodles swing over her head, basketballs are shot from her back, and children do "the macarena" with great enthusiasm while sitting atop her. Noffy embraces her work as if she knows the importance of what she does. If she does not, we certainly do and would love to be able to treat her with the extra comfort that Platinum Performance supplements can bring to an aging horse. Platinum Performance joint support products would be used to pull Noffy's phsyical age in line with her mental age of being "a filly at heart". We hope you will consider this hard working pony to become the recipient of a platinum performance award.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Noffy came to us a lease from one of our most vivacious therapeutic riding instructors. Noffy was her childhood pony that was purchased for her by her mother. Since then she has become a beloved therapy horse, first at a center in North Carolina and then moved to Columbus, Ohio with her owner. The two continue to work together every Wednesday evening in her owner's therapeutic riding lessons. -- Ellen Elizabeth Lee